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lights out [katie/genevieve][s/a]

Title: Lights Out
Pairing/Character(s): Katie/Genevieve
Rating: R
Summary: Genevieve runs into Katie in a visit in Paris. Taxi rides, pastry eating and sex by the pool all ensue.
Warning: Tipsy girl sex
Beta: chokeonirony
Word Count: ~4,000
A/N: What can I say? Oops. I wrote girl porn.

Gen likes walking around Paris – it’s such a gorgeous city with so many little shops and places to visit and she gets caught up in it like magic. She had never expected to be star struck but now she understands why her cousins moved here and have been living here for a couple of years now. She doesn’t think she could live in such a lovely place – she’d end up desensitized to how amazing everything is, how no matter which was she looks, it feels like things sparkle.

People don’t recognize her in Paris, France, not that they really recognized her that often anywhere in America, either – which was nice, in a lot of ways. She loves what she does, and she’s glad the price she pays for being an actress is, so far, minimal.

It’s strange, though, when she recognizes someone.

She blinks – no, no way, she’s seeing things, and then turns again. In the middle of the plaza, sitting on the fountain with a cup of coffee, blonde hair up in a messy bun, strands framing her face, familiar hazel-green eyes half-lidded.

Gen blinks again and then runs a hand through her hair. She looks like shit and she scolds herself inwardly for not doing her make-up that morning. She’s in Paris for God’s sake! Still – she’s not going to pass up the opportunity. She changes directions and bolts in the woman's direction.


The woman looks up and suddenly she’s smiling so wide Gen can hardly believe it, almost stops right there to catch her breath.

“Hey!” Her voice is familiar in an almost aching way and Gen freezes, doesn’t know what to do with her hands. “Wow, hi, it’s been a while, Gen.” Gen’s heart stops for a fraction of a second and she swallows and smiles down at Katie, deliberates on whether to take a seat next to her or not. “Hey, sit down next to me.” Of course Katie pats her hand against the layer of concrete next to her. Of course she keeps smiling. Of course Gen sits down.

“Yeah, since 2008,” Genevieve murmurs, remembering when she had been introduced to Katie and how sweet she’d been about taking over the role of Ruby. It’s not Gen’s fault she had developed a bit of an immature crush. Anyone would. Katie’s pretty, confident; smooth legs and long hair, beautiful smile and soft skin. So Gen’s dreamt a little – so she’s got a crush on a pretty girl. Big deal. “When we met at casting.”

Katie is still smiling, swiping her thumb over the rim of her coffee mug. Gen wonders if the mug is hers specifically or if she’s borrowing it from a friend. “Yeah, I watched all your episodes. You really did amazingly, I think the way you worked Ruby into an almost different character was great. I was happy to let you take the role.” Gen tries not to blush, reaches up and tucks a strand of loose hair behind her ear and squirms a bit.

“So, ah, uhm – why are you in Paris?” Gen asks, leaning forward a little to look at Katie as she sits up, straightens her back.

“Movie shooting. The set’s not far from here, we’re on a break.” She lifts the coffee mug and smiles a bit at Gen, something mischievous in her eyes. “We finish shooting for today in about an hour. Do you want to come watch?” Katie twitches a bit and then claps her hand over her mouth before Gen can answer. “Oh, I’m sorry! Don’t feel obliged though, I mean – uh, w-why are you in Paris?”

Seeing Katie flustered almost makes Gen more flustered but she manages a smile. “I’m visiting family, but I’ve been here for a week already, seen almost everything there is to see. I’d be happy to watch the set until you finish, if that’s alright. I – if you’d like to, ah, go out for coffee afterwards? Or just something to eat…” Gen trails off, a little embarrassed, but when she looks back up Katie is grinning at her.

“I would love that, come on!” Gen’s surprised when Katie grabs her wrist snuggly and pulls her to her feet before wrapping an arm around her waist, balancing her cup of coffee in her other hand. Gen lets herself be dragged down a brick street and she recognizes the movie set as they get closer, lights and cameramen and plenty of assistants, actors and actresses.

It’s all an amazing blur and Gen just smiles at everyone she meets as Katie introduces her as her date.


“I’m exhausted.”

“You were doing fabulous.” Katie smiles at her weakly and tugs her up off the chair she had been borrowing.

“You’re sweet, Gen,” she says quietly, and though there’s a tiredness there she also looks happy. “Come on, you’re taking me out, right? Coffee, sweets, romance.” Gen tries hard not to get giddy over Katie being so flirtatious, tells herself it’s probably just because she’s tired, she’s probably imagining the sparkle in Katie’s eyes, the way she looks at her and then opens her mouth, spreads her smile specifically, like it’s just for her.

“Do you know anywhere nearby that’s nice? That’d you would like to go? Because I’m not too well versed in Paris geography,” Gen admits, a little nervously as they head out together to the street. Gen has no idea how Katie can still be wearing heels – she’s been wearing a pair of her favorite lace up boots all day and she still feels tired, feet a little achy. But of course Katie looks fine, perfect, even with her hair messier than earlier.

Katie hooks her arm into Gen’s and pulls her close as she flags down a cab. She slips into the back seat and says quickly, looks at Gen, “Of course I do,” and then turns back to look at the driver through the mirror, saying something in French that Genevieve doesn’t recognize. “It’s just a few minutes away,” she says to Gen, but she angles her legs towards her so their knees touch, brushing her fingers over Gen’s arm, down to her wrist and her pulse.

Maybe Gen’s breath catches – maybe she stares a little at Katie’s lap, tries to get her thoughts in order. Fails.

Lights outside. Everything’s so pretty, and she’s not imagining the way Katie’s touching her thigh, the way her fingers are tracing the edge of her summer dress. White cotton. Something she bought at the mall a couple of months ago. A snug fit, but she likes it.

Katie’s lacquered fingernails ghost over her skin, touch her inner thigh under the fabric of her dress. She can’t help it – Gen gasps slightly and bites her lip, tilts her head back.

Lips, a mouth, hot breath. “Can I kiss you?” Words against her cheek and she whispers, breathlessly, “Yes,” and she barely even gets it out before Katie’s sealed her mouth with her own, is nipping at her bottom lip, pulling it into her mouth, nudging her tongue inside. Gen’s heart is hammering in her chest, she’s shaking and her entire body is tense, she’s strung and about to snap and she just wants to moan, to sigh but she keeps quiet, just kisses Katie back, tries to move, make things fluid and easy.

Katie pulls away and she finds herself leaning forward, trying to get more.

Katie looks completely composed, her lips a little red but otherwise – otherwise not even out of breath. Gen sucks in a breath, realizes the taxi is coming to a stop, that Katie is reaching into her shoulder purse, pulling out cash to pay the fare.

“Oh no, let me…” Gen protests but it’s a pathetic attempt because Katie’s already grabbed her by the wrist again and pulled her out of the taxi and onto the sidewalk. Gen almost loses her balance but Katie’s got a tight hold on her, fingers pressing into her waist, warm and comforting and keeping Gen stable.

“Come on,” Katie whispers, eyes bright and excited as she grins. Gen can’t help but be completely entranced, stuck in Katie’s magical web and the way she smiles as she clicks her way down the pavement, sudden full of new found energy.

The shop she pulls into is small, a little cramped but cozy with tiny tables that can only fit two or three people. “Do you still want coffee?” Katie asks and Gen shakes her head, unable to form words. Katie just grins. “Yeah, I figured,” she says and then twines their fingers together as she heads up to the empty front counter to order for them. Gen doesn’t really hear what she says – apparently Katie is fluid in French and the way she speaks is kind of fucking hot in ways Gen has no idea they would be (she has to press her thighs together and take a deep breath to collect herself) – but the guy behind the counter offers them two pastries and Katie pays again, adding to Genevieve’s guilt.

“You can’t keep paying for this stuff,” Gen says as Katie hands her a scone and begins to walk towards a seat, heels still clicking against the tiled floor. Gen trails after her then sits across from her, still flustered and uncertain after what happened in the taxi. “I thought I was taking you out…”

Katie shrugs as she snaps off a bit of her croissant and pops it in her mouth. “I changed my mind, and now I’m taking you out. Where are you staying, Gen?”

Gen’s mouth goes dry. “A – a hotel, not…not too far from here, I don’t think. Twenty minutes at most. A nice place…there’s a pool, it’s open all night.”

“Oh, a pool, is there?” Katie says and Gen definitely doesn’t imagine the quick grin, the wickedness there, the intent. She shivers and sits up, swallows and nibbles at her scone. It’s good. She tries to maintain a normal heart rate. “Well, we’ll go there, then. We’re not shooting tomorrow.”

“Oh yeah?” Gen says, “that’s good. A day off.”

“Hmm, yeah, a day off. I’m pretty excited.”

A silence sweeps over them; Gen doesn’t know what to say so she just sits and crosses her legs at the ankle, stares at the glossy table and waits. But the silence is charged by something and it makes her feel nervous and scared but also fucking excited because if it means what she thinks it means, if Katie is implying what she thinks she’s implying.

God, and Gen’s a pervert, she’s done her fair share of Google Image searching and she’s seen Katie. She’s seen her in skin tight dresses and swimsuits and she’s seen the tattoo of wings on her back so many times she can’t count it. It’s not her fault it’s so easy to find people these days. It’s not her fault Katie’s absolutely gorgeous.

She’s in way over her head.

They finish in that same silence, something in the air keeping it from being quite awkward. The sun is setting though it’s still not that late and Katie keeps glancing up at Gen as she finishes her scone, lets the taste melt in her mouth.

“You ready?”

“Uh – yeah.” She takes a breath, organizes her thoughts, but then Katie smiles and everything goes blank again. No – she is confident, she is full of good thoughts and momentum and she isn’t nervous or scared or anything. She is ready, she is just as beautiful and just as amazing and just as everything as Katie.

Katie’s fingers are warm, grazing her shoulder as she stands. Gen joins her, this time she initiates the hooking of arms, how they lean into each other to share the warmth. This time she waves down a taxi, slips inside and moves her fingers, touches her thumb to Katie’s jaw and kisses the skin behind her ear quickly before rattling off the address of the hotel. The cab driver doesn’t even spare them a second glance and she presses their thighs together, moves her fingers down Katie’s arm and to her thigh. She’s wearing shorts instead of a dress or skirt like Gen but they’re not made of denim, easy for Gen to slip her fingers underneath the fabric, to tease at the soft skin there, to reach and touch and then drag her fingers back up to Katie’s stomach, pushing her hand under the softness of her top, over her belly. She watches the way Katie arches, fingers moving to clench in Gen’s dress. They’re just simple touches, but they feel sparked, ignited.

The driver pulls over, stopping, and Gen’s surprised to see that they’re already at the hotel. Maybe time just went so much quicker because she was actually touching Katie. Maybe they were closer than they thought. She doesn’t think about it too hard, taking advantage of Katie being so distracted and out of it to reach into her purse and grab her wallet, handing the cab fare to the driver. She thanks him and grabs Katie’s tiny wrist, pulling her carefully from the cab.

Their knees hit as they stumble together and Gen’s not drunk but she thinks maybe she should be. She turns, presses so close to Katie that she can feel her breath hitch and skims her lips over her neck. “I have wine in my room,” she murmurs and Katie makes a soft noise in the back of her throat, something close to a groan that sparks in Gen’s belly, makes her want to arch closer, grab Katie and press her against the wall, do all these filthy things to her that she’d never think of normally.

God, she can’t believe her luck.

They slide into the hotel, the halls mostly empty and quiet and Gen winds a hand around Katie’s waist, feels Katie’s hand move to the small of her back, the careful press there as they stumble together to the elevator.

A nudge, and then Gen’s got her back to the wall, a knee between her legs, smooth skin on smooth skin and rough lips on hers, a tongue in her mouth and she groans into it, elevator door clinging as it shuts. She doesn’t care who sees her. She doesn’t care what happens, not at all, really, she just wants and needs and her skin feels like it’s on fire.

The doors ding again, and they’re on the second floor. She shifts out from under Katie and can feel her as they step into the hall, down to the right, shoes muffled by the carpet.

It takes Gen two tries to get the swipe key to work, nerves acting up at Katie’s hand pressed firmly to her back, but they finally get into her hotel anyway and it’s all touch again, hot skin on skin, tongue against tongue and Gen backed against the wall again.

“Okay, okay, hold on,” Gen manages in a breathy whisper, pushing at Katie gently. “Okay?”

Katie steps back and against the wall, her lips and eyes shiny. She watches as Gen stumbles into the main room, moves towards the mini refrigerator. “I was saving this for uh…for a special occasion,” Gen lies as she pops open the wine. It’s not the best, not the worst. She’s got little glasses sitting next to the TV – classy. She pours a bit into one of the wine glasses and holds it out. “Here you go.”

Katie steps forward, still somehow fluid on her feet after being in heels all day. Her hair is even messier but it makes her prettier. Even her smudged make-up looks perfect, purposeful. Gen wonders what she looks like, and then takes the thought back. She doesn’t want to know, not really.

She pours herself a glass and takes two large swallows; lets the alcohol fizz in her system, spread out, pours herself another drink as well as Katie. They stand in silence, getting purposely tipsy, the same things on their mind. Gen hopes it’s the same thing. Can’t imagine it being anything else.

She nearly drops the glass, too distracted, the touch of Katie’s fingers, the way they trail over her shoulders, send thrills down her spine. She tilts her head back, lets Katie’s mouth move over her skin. She’s aware but she’s not; she’s there but she isn’t. She feels Katie’s thigh between her legs again, pushed up against the dresser and Gen holds herself up by the palms of her hands, moans into Katie’s mouth, doesn’t even really wonder what time it is. It can’t be that late. But it feels dark. She just needs this so badly.

Their skin sticks together though neither of them is that sweaty. Katie’s fingers tug through her hair and Gen moans again, pushes further into it, against Katie and her warmth, trying to find a way to burrow deeper into it. Katie tugs at strands of hair, pulls her forward and closer, knots them together in a tangled combination and then says, “Yeah, pool.”

Gen tries to suppress a shiver; fails.

And then Katie takes charge again, pulls her out of the hotel room and down the hall, back to the elevator where she kisses her again, just like the last time, a little harder though, pushier, needier, all kinds of words. Gen melts into it, isn’t relaxed but feels like this is how it should be, wonders why the halls are so empty, who’s giving them such luck. Maybe it’s later than she thought. Maybe this is a dream.

“Get your key card,” Katie murmurs again, mouthing at Gen’s wrist and breathing the words directly into her skin. Gen hums and scrambles for the card she had slipped into her dress pocket, holding it between two fingers as they continue their clumsy movement towards the front of the hotel.

It only takes her one try to open up the pool. Empty and quiet, lights on under the still, blue water. The click-click-click clatter of Katie’s heels, the shuffle of Gen’s boots. Pushed onto one of the longer beach chairs, Katie’s mouth against hers again and Gen groans, rolls her eyes back and keeps them shut, only feels the sparks of fire where Katie’s skin touches her, the way the heat coils in her belly, makes her want to arch and jump.

Katie’s slides a hand under her dress and it bunches, exposes her underwear and her stomach (Gen recoils and whines but Katie just continues to move, to push and touch) and then her breasts, and suddenly Gen’s so grateful that she picked out the white lace to wear today. Just on a hunch. She’s never been luckier.

Katie cups her left breast and then moves her mouth to where her cleavage curves, kisses her skin and then slips her hand behind Gen, to her back, unhooking her bra. Gen gasps and tilts her head a little, isn’t sure if she wants to hide or watch, isn’t sure what she wants at all except they both can’t fit on this god damn chair, not really – but Katie’s bent over her, moving her hands over her sides, making her sigh and squirm (she’s ticklish) as she touches her.

Fingers slide into the waistband of her underwear and Gen’s eyes flutter open. She stares straight ahead, feels the careful moment of Katie’s fingers as they hook, her nails scraping lightly against the skin. She lifts her hips cautiously, feels trembling in her thighs and calves but Katie just giggles and doesn’t pull them down, instead moving her fingers against the waistband, over Gen’s hipbones and across her stomach.

Gen gasps and closes her eyes again, biting on her lips and holding onto the chair for as much leverage as possible as Katie leans over closer, straddling her lightly and teasing her clit slowly with her index finger. She tortures her for a minute, slow circles with a gentle push, just enough to make Gen gasp and whine, before sliding her middle finger down, over her cunt.

“How long have you been thinking about this?” Katie asks quietly, her voice a gentle tease.

Gen hisses, pushes her hips back up, wants the contact, the rub of Katie’s fingers even more now that she’s felt it. “Too fucking long,” she manages in a hoarse growl, bucking her hips. She’s surprised at the strength of her voice but it’s true – it’s been way too long. She’s been thinking about this for far too fucking long.

Katie laughs and uses her thumb to keep rubbing small, concentrates circles against the clit, slipping a finger inside. Gen gasps and tries to relax, spreads her legs a little, gives Katie more room but Katie’s mostly teasing, moving too lightly and carefully to lead to anything. It’s a build but it’s so fucking slow and Gen’s just holding her breath, feeling the burn in her lungs and the coiled heat in her body.

“C-come on,” she whispers, lifts a hand to grab at Katie’s shirt, clenches her fingers and tugs her closer. Katie begins to fuck her more earnestly now, complete and quiet concentrate as she slips a second finger inside, fucks her faster, stroking her clit with more determination, the need to get off making Gen arch and bend, whine and rock.

“Fuck, you’re so pretty,” Katie whispers, words uneven and breathy. “Come on, Gen, you’re close, I can feel how close you are just from me fucking you like this. I want to do so many dirty things to you, fuck.” Gen swears, feels the hot slide of Katie’s fingers even more certainly this time, the twist of them inside of her, the rhythm and the speed, the sharp circles from the pad of Katie’s thumb. “Ever since I first met you, wanna get on my knees in front of you and make you come so hard with my mouth you forget where you were, then I’ll do it again, maybe even again just to see how long you last ‘til you pass out. ‘Cause you’re so pretty, you’re so, so pretty…”

Gen whimpers, opens her mouth but no noise comes out except, “Fuck, Katie,” and then Katie’s pushing into her further, to her knuckles, the sharp sensation making Gen gasp, roll her hips one last time against her and then finally comes, her orgasm washing over her, leaving black dots on her vision as she throws her head back, breath caught in her chest. She can feel her muscles spasms, still clamping down on Katie’s fingers as they slow, back to the basics, slipping out carefully she she's sitting back. Everything feels hot, Gen feels on fire but it’s quiet, it’s calm, and she suddenly remembers where they are.

She opens her eyes, has to blink a couple of times to find focus and when she does she’s met with Katie’s glazed eyes, hand in her shorts as she fucks herself and Gen wishes she could see but she doesn’t have time because Katie’s breath is hitching and she’s rocking forward, keeping herself steady by holding Gen’s shoulder with her free hand until she’s shaking and Gen can only stare for a moment, eyes wide, mouth open, head buzzing (from the alcohol, from the orgasm – she can’t differentiate the feeling, not really).



Gen winds an arm around Katie’s waist and pulls her forward, kisses her on the mouth and pushes her tongue inside, lets herself take advantage of the pliancy, the taste of wine on her lips and tongue still from earlier, the pleasant tiredness all over her body.

They press together, messy and uneven, curled around each other in some weird, unadorned way.

“How long are you in Paris?” Katie murmurs against Gen’s mouth, stroking her thumb over her jaw. Gen tips her head back and sighs; she had originally planned to only be there a week and a half.

“As long as you want me,” she answers instead. She can book a different flight. She could stay there forever. Drink cheap wine with Katie, fuck on hotel beds and against hotel walls. She feels a tiny shiver at the thought, bends closer to Katie to kiss into her mouth again, to taste her and how perfect she is.

“Good.” She hears the grin rather than sees it.


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Jun. 17th, 2011 10:08 am (UTC)
Thank you bb :* I love you too, you are the best enabler who makes me write pointless, drawn out girl porn forever.
Jul. 16th, 2011 09:30 am (UTC)
*GUH* dear lord. This is hot and sweet and flirty and :D *reads it again*
Dec. 9th, 2012 04:12 am (UTC)
Mmmm. Love the pairing. This was hot!
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